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Street Politics With James Heneghen and Steve Hill


He's been called “King of Seattle” by Ralphie May. James Heneghen is a veteran comic.  He first got on stage in 1993 and trudged his way through the rungs of hometown comedy scene. He has been working as a headliner for well over a decade, as well as giving support to touring comics in the Seattle area. Heneghen has become known as something of a legend around here, but the truth is that he is just a damn good comic that is a true craftsman and dedicated to his art. Over the past 20 years on stage he has developed a distinct improvisational-based style, often times going to many small shows every week just to do fresh material, which is never written down or done the same twice. For a guy that won’t remember your name until you’ve met 30 times he has an incredible ability to get on stage and simply be funny. James draws his material from a lifetime of downright puzzling situations, from signing up for the Vietnam war, hitchhiking across the entire Country in the 60′s, sneaking into Woodstock and then eventually raising 3 sons in Bellevue. he has shared the stage with many superstars, and has been a finalist in the International Seattle Comedy Competition more times than can be remembered.  James currently hosts the Hard Rain podcast at

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Born in poverty on St Louis’ north side, Steve Hill has acquired a lifetime of experience in what it’s like to grow up in America as an African American male. After high school in 1979, Steve served in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years and became a Sergeant. He subsequently moved to Los Angeles to work in aerospace. 7 years later, he joined the California Department of Corrections (CDC) and gained insight into the system, working at maximum security prisons for 10 years. After a slight "disagreement" with the CDC, Steve started his own Real Estate Appraisal business during the real estate boom of the early 2000’s. The mortgage meltdown and Wall Street corruption cemented his decision to speak for those in the middle class with no voice, lobbyist, or advocacy group. With an extremely keen sense of humor, he hits the stage with a stand up performance that enables people to see relevant issues from a very funny, but drastically different, perspective. Steve has set his sights on spreading his knowledge for the upcoming 2014 mid term elections and 2016 Presidential election. Visit for more information about Steve and his up coming performances.

Tune in Sunday September 29th at 9pm EST/6pmPST when Sean Prophet and Dave Phillips talk politics with James Heneghen and Steve Hill.–nptr-47